Beginners Information for The Jason Rodd School of Taekwondo – TAGB

Why join? The Jason Rodd School of TAEKWONDO (TAGB School)



  • Largest single martial arts association in the UK, established for over 30 years.
  • A true association, not just a franchise or brand
  • More than 20,000 current members
  • Over 600 schools nationwide
  • Teaching traditional tae kwon-do as a martial art
  • National & International Competitions all year round.
  • Not tied into long term contracts
  • Train at least twice a week or more for no extra cost
  • Discounts for family groups training together


and, best of all ….. you can try it out for


At The Jason Rodd School’s Of TAEKWONDO our aim is to coach, motivate and inspire those who have chosen TAEKWONDO as a path for positively transforming their lives. Our commitment to bringing you quality instruction and training to all is what sets us apart from any other TAEKWONDO school. Benefits & improvements such as self-confidence, discipline, a fitter & healthier you and skills needed to defend themselves are just some of the positive results we can achieve together. Our goal is to create a sound foundation for both adults & children’s physical, psychological development through motivation and encouragement enabling students to succeed and instill in all of our students values such as, self control, disciplineself-respect, and respect for others. All Coaching at The Jason Rodd school’s of TAEKWONDO is lead by professional Head Coach Jason Rodd 4th Degree Black Belt, A fully qualified T.A.G.B instructor with over 20 years experience in TAEKWONDO. All Classes are supported by a range of 1st – 4th Degree Black Belts adults & juniors who too, have many years experience. With well over 100 students attained Black Belt and above with us. Could you be one our next Black Belt TAEKWONDO Students?

What people say about us

“My 10yr old has been attending the Jason Rodd Academy for the last 5yrs, starting off as a Tiger. He passed his black belt after 4yrs and, as well as his own effort, this was also due to Jason’s continued hard work and determination he puts in with all of his students, both children and adults. It is a warm, friendly environment where outside social activities are also encouraged (last year there was a family weekend trip to Haven and a Christmas night out). All students are encouraged to attend competitions all over the country and grade, whenever possible. It is great character building and has given my son immense confidence. Black belt students also help out within classes, giving their knowledge to others and helping the lower grade belts with patterns, etc. All of the students, regardless of belt colour or age, get along extremely well and all help each other out. Jason is very focused and disciplined in his outlook, but also well respected by students.”

“Our experience of The Jason Rodd Academy has been wholly positive. The students enjoy their training and succeed both personally and for the club due to the positive attitude that the owner Jason has. My son has been encouraged at the right pace for him and in return it has given him more self confidence.

The students all respect each other and the black belts have the chance to teach the lower grades, which in turn gives them greater confidence. The classes are always conducted with a great sense of respect and fun, (a tricky balance to manage but Jason does it well). We would recommend The Jason Rodd Academy of Taekwondo West Kirby, it keeps students fit and motivated. A great and friendly club!”

“I have been training at the club for nearly 4 years now. It is a very family friendly environment and has a wide mixture of ages and capability ranging from complete unco-ordinated beginners through to World Champions. Students are encouraged to ask questions and the more experienced grades are always eager to help answer them. It is an excellent way of keeping fit and ascending the coloured belt ranks keeps students motivated. Competition in local, national and global events is completely optional but anyone willing to rise to the challenge will benefit from the instructors relentless attention to detail and as in my and my sons case reap the rewards of becoming a national champion. Pop along, have a look and who knows one day you might just be the next world champ!”

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