Family Taekwondo Classes

Taekwondo can be an activity for the whole family

Family Taekwondo Class Time Table

For Ages 7yrs +
Day Club Venue Class Grade Start Time End Time
Tuesdays West Kirby Hilbre High School, Frankby Road
West Kirby
Juniors & Families 7+ Beginners & All Students 6:30pm 7:30pm
Thursdays West Kirby Hilbre High School, Frankby Road
West Kirby
Juniors & Families 7+ Beginners & All Students 6:30pm 7:30pm

There aren’t many activities that both parents and children can be part of & benefit from. Our family classes will help you and your child to become more confident, develop & instil a winning positive attitude, learn the traditional Martial Art of TAEKWONDO with the added bonus of a fitter and healthier YOU.


Family Taekwondo classes give you the opportunity to learn something as a family and  helps in developing stronger relationships with each other through the shared learning.


Taekwondo classes at The Jason Rodd School of Taekwondo have always encouraged families to be active together. In many activities parents are mere spectators.  Practicing Martial Arts / Taekwondo has far too many benefits to be a spectators sport! Anyone can do it. You don’t need to be fit or flexible to start and your confidence will grow week by week.


Family members will be able to get into great shape together, become more physically active and more confident and you as a parent will provide a wonderful role model of health and vitality. Not only will your child have the best time of their life with us we’ll help them develop a set of successful life skills that will hopefully set them up for adult life. They will also learn invaluable self-defence skills. And as a family you will be working towards the awesome goal of self-improvement.

Additional benefits for parents:


✔ Fitness training offering a cardiovascular and metabolic workout that helps burn many calories and improve overall health


Increased strength and muscular tone and flexibility


So when would you like to do something as a family, build stronger relations and benefit from all Taekwondo has to offer. NOW! Then let’s get you started?


Pop along to one of our sessions NOW. Or get in touch about information about our club and classes for adults / teens.

Some BIG changes FAST in both you & your child with regular training in Taekwondo:


Increase in Focus & Concentration


Setting and Achieving Goals


Increased Confidence and Courage


Enhanced Self-Esteem




Learning of effective and valuable Self Defence skills