Taekwondo Beginners

First month of lessons free

We offer all new students a whole month free as we feel it builds trusts. You get a chance to know us and we get to show you what our membership provides!


Please Note: Beginners courses & Tiger course are excluded from our FREE month trial.


Our teaching style is unique and we have an incredible instructors, programmes that develops our students confidence, focus and respect. 

New Students costs after the initial FREE trial period

Prices after the initial FREE TRIAL period or/and OFFER are as follows:

  • Twice a week  attendance – £40 a month


Please get in touch for Family costs here. All lesson’s are 1 hour long.


All Students require to pay a membership fee of £40 (annually) on or before the third week of starting TKD to cover insurance & association affiliation (TAGB).  This fee will complete your membership to either our Runcorn or West Kirby TAEKWONDO for a year.

Why join? The Jason Rodd School of TAEKWONDO (TAGB School)



  • Largest single martial arts association in the UK, established for over 30 years.
  • A true association, not just a franchise or brand
  • More than 20,000 current members
  • Over 600 schools nationwide
  • Teaching traditional tae kwon-do as a martial art
  • National & International Competitions all year round.
  • Not tied into long term contracts
  • Train at least twice a week or more for no extra cost
  • Discounts for family groups training together
0800 612 7393