Confidence Building & Fun

My 10yr old has been attending the Jason Rodd Academy for the last 5yrs, starting off as a Tiger. He passed his black belt after 4yrs and, as well as his own effort, this was also due to Jason’s continued hard work and determination he puts in with all of his students, both children and adults. It is a warm, friendly environment where outside social activities are also encouraged (last year there was a family weekend trip to Haven and a Christmas night out). All students are encouraged to attend competitions all over the country and grade, whenever possible. It is great character building and has given my son immense confidence. Black belt students also help out within classes, giving their knowledge to others and helping the lower grade belts with patterns, etc. All of the students, regardless of belt colour or age, get along extremely well and all help each other out. Jason is very focused and disciplined in his outlook, but also well respected by students.

by DebbieF